Overweight and obesity are a growing problem in the western population. The main causes of obesity are poor nutrition and lack of physical activity. As well as impacting on one’s quality of life, being overweight increases the risk of many other health problems and diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, heart disease and cancer.

The Energy Equation

A person gains weight when their energy intake is greater than their energy expenditure. In other words, if you increase your food intake and/or decrease your amount of physical activity, then your body mass will increase.

A person’s weight remains stable when energy intake = energy output.

Clearly, nutrition and exercise are closely linked in the management of healthy weight. They both run hand in hand in enhancing a healthy lifestyle.

Nutrition for Weight Loss

Some of JusFitness’ clients are concerned about weight related issues. JusFitness works with these clients to ensure that they have a sound knowledge of their body’s nutritional requirements. JusFitness then works with the client to ensure that an appropriate level of exercise is being performed so as to maximize the potential for weight loss. Weigh-ins and skin fold testing can be performed, if desired.

Nutrition for Performance

Athletes need to carefully fine tune their diet both in training and competition. Research indicates that food intake before, during and immediately after an event is very important in ensuring the athlete reaches peak performance. In times of intense physical activity, the body has a high demand for energy and nutrients, particularly carbohydrates and proteins. Coupled with this is the need to maintain appropriate levels of hydration so as to balance fluid losses.

JusFitness works with its athlete clients to ensure that all these nutritional requirements are being met. Guidance on pre-race carbohydrate loading strategies can also be provided to maximize their performance potential.

Children’s Nutrition

As children grow, their dietary needs are constantly changing. JusFitness is happy to work with parents to help provide guidelines for maintaining a balanced diet.