Personal Training

JusFitness kids fitness sessionJusFitness Personal Training programs are just that…personalised, tailored training programs written and designed to meet your individual goals, whatever they might be.

All programs take into account individual client needs. Whether you are training for a special event (such as a marathon), recovering from illness or injury, wanting to lose weight, improve your body shape, lacking motivation to get out and exercise etc., JusFitness personal training will help you stay focused and achieve your goals.

Personal Training Options

One on one

Private personal training sessions are conducted in the JusFitness Personal Training Studio (or outdoors if preferred) or in the comfort of your own home.

Private sessions are mostly 45 minutes, although timing is always flexible and shorter or longer sessions can be arranged.

Small group personal training

Small group personal training sessions can also be arranged if you’d rather exercise with a friend.

Sessions are conducted either in the JusFitness Personal Training Studio or outdoors.

Outdoor Group Fitness

JusFitness conducts a range of outdoor group fitness sessions to meet the needs of all age groups – children, teenagers and adults.

Outdoor sessions are conducted in local parks in the Willoughby and Northbridge areas. Other venues can be arranged if desired.

Each session is individually programmed to cater for each member of the group with a variety of progressions available for each exercise. Sessions incorporate a very wide range of training parameters designed to motivate and challenge participants and every class is different.

A wide range of equipment is used in addition to bodyweight, such as TRX, dumbbells, kettlebells, medicine balls, pilates balls, swiss balls, resistance bands, boxing gear, agility ladders, skipping ropes etc. This is to ensure that the body is continually being challenged to reach new heights.

There is a cap on numbers per class so as to ensure that JusFitness can provide personalised attention to each and every participant – i.e. it is personal training in a group environment.

JusFitness Outdoor Group Fitness training offers the following options:

Ladies fitness sessions

Ladies group training is currently conducted Monday to Fridays straight after school drop-off. For more information regarding venue and times, please contact JusFitness.

Young children are welcome to attend.  If needed, JusFitness can arrange an experienced babysitter to attend to your child so that you can exercise uninterrupted. Outdoor classes operate alongside children’s playgrounds so our children manage to have loads of fun in the park while their mums have fun working out – it is the best of both worlds!

Running Group

Are you training for a 5km, 10km, 21km or even marathon and need a focused program and some guidance to get you to the start line?

Are you new to running and want to participate in a local fun run?  Or do you just want to increase your cardiovascular fitness?

JusFitness offers running group training for all levels.  These sessions are tailored to suit individual goals and incorporate interval training and cardiovascular endurance.

Please contact JusFitness for more details.

Marathon Training

Have you admired others for completing a marathon and wondered if you ever had the mental and physical stamina to complete one yourself?  Or perhaps you have you thought about running a marathon but don’t really know where to start with your training?

JusFitness has helped many runners, from complete novice to seasoned runners, tackle and successfully complete the marathon.  Step by step, week by week, personalised marathon training programs to guide you every step of the way.  Running a marathon changes your life forever – get in touch today if you’d like to take the leap.

Kids fitness and athletic development

Kids outdoor fitness sessions are currently conducted for primary school aged children.

JusFitness has a passion for developing a love of fitness and physical activity in children from a young age.

As a mum of four, our trainer (Justine) understands that all kids are different and develop at different stages with varying levels of ability.  Children’s fitness training sessions cater for every level of fitness and ability, both boys and girls.  It’s not about trying to turn the kids into state levelathletes (although several have reached this level), it’s about fostering a level of confidence in kids that they never believed they had.  It’s about having a go, pushing the boundaries just a little and reaping the rewards.

The focus is on fun fitness drills designed to increase cardiovascular fitness, improve muscular strength and conditioning and enhance overall health and wellbeing. Training also incorporates athletics drills, including sprints and middle distance running to prepare children for athletics events that they might be participating in at school.

JusFitness offers advanced level fitness training for the aspiring young athletes. Programs are highly structured and results driven.  JusFitness has been highly successful in training young athletes to a both state and national level.

TeenFit Training – Fitness for Teenage Girls

JusFitness offers outdoor group fitness training for teenage girls.

The goal of these sessions is to motivate and energise the girls by exercising together in a fun, non-threatening environment.

Sessions are fairly high intensity with a good mix of cardio and strength training and cater for all levels of fitness.

The idea is to give the girls a good, healthy break from school work and to help them become more focused as a result.